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Industrial Quality for Your Shop

With decades of combined experience in compressed air systems and design, our entire team of qualified engineers is always at your service. For specialized systems or unique requirements, Kaeser’s highly trained engineers provide expert applications assistance. From complex installations and challenging environments to facilities with limited space, Kaeser can design and lay out a system to meet the specified requirements for performance and reliability.

AS Series

Kaeser Compressors has pushed the boundaries of compressed air efficiency once again with the latest generation of AS series rotary screw compressors. Not only do these compressors deliver more compressed air for sustainable energy savings, they also combine ease of use with exceptional reliability and simple maintenance.

Airtower Series

Kaeser’s AIRTOWER™ is an affordable, yet rugged rotary screw compressor package for any light industrial application including woodworking, machine shops, metal fabrication, and all sorts of vehicle maintenance and repair. Available in 3, 4, 5, and 7.5 hp, AIRTOWERs deliver reliability, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance. The all-in-one package includes a rotary screw compressor, dryer, tank, and drain in a compact, space-saving design that arrives fully assembled and ready to run.

Innovation You Can Trust

With a cutting edge research and development team committed to building industry-leading products, Kaeser continues to deliver better solutions to meet our customers’ compressed air needs. Kaeser’s expertise and world-wide reputation for superior reliability and efficiency offer great performance and peace of mind.

Rugged Reliability

Kaeser’s screw compressors meet our rigorous “built for a lifetime” standard. Designed and built with Kaeser’s generations of compressed air experience, you can rest assured that these compressors will continue to deliver the air you need with the exceptional reliability you expect from a Kaeser compressor.


From the ground up, these compressors have been designed with the user in mind. Fewer wearing parts and using premium quality materials ensure reduced maintenance requirements, longer service intervals, and extended service life. A smart component layout with generously sized maintenance doors simplifies service and lowers your operating costs.

Guaranteed Efficiency

In our systems design approach, Kaeser chooses the components that work together in the most energy efficient way possible. Each and every component — from inlet filter to discharge flange — has been carefully selected with performance in mind. In fact, the AS series is up to 30% more efficient than the competition. With Kaeser’s superior system controls, we guarantee an efficient system with lower operating costs, however small.

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