Paint Spray Equipment

Optimum Spray Performance

Optimum spray gun performance is largely the result of all the related spray finishing components that enhance the guns overall operation. To provide professionals like you with the best possible equipment outfits, ITW Industrial Finishing engineers and technicians have tirelessly designed and field-tested thousands of equipment combinations to deliver the best possible combinations.

Consistent Color

Consistently achieving the desired colors from varied types of wood is no small accomplishment. It requires knowledge, skill and the best equipment available. Stain is used to establish the undertone color of nearly every piece of professionally finished wood product – and therefore making the staining process the single most critical process for achieving uniform overall finish.

Atomization Technology Options

Conventional Air Spray
Quite simply. Conventional Air Spray uses lower volume at higher pressure (at the air cap.). Overall, this is the most commonly used spray finishing process in woodworking industries.

Advantages: Conventional Air Spray offers the finest atomization available. Additionally, the operator has complete pattern control.

Fluid Delivery Options

Siphon-feed hookups (external atomization) use vacuum created at the nozzle to draw fluid from a cup.

Advantages: Overall this is the lowest cost process in the industry, and requires minimal maintenance Additionally, this fluid cup system offers quick material / color changes.

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