Filtration Systems & Accessories

Superior Filtration

Proper filtration is necessary to ensure consistent air quality, but with it comes pressure drop. Every 2 psi of pressure drop increases power costs by approximately 1%. Kaeser filters remove more contaminants with less pressure drop for lower operating costs. With a complete selection of application-specific filter types, sizes, technical service, and support, Kaeser offers a customized solution for all of your compressed air quality needs.

Meeting Your Air Quality Requirements

Properly sized and selected Kaeser filters in conjunction with the appropriate dryer will remove harmful contaminants. This allows the compressed air system to deliver the quality of air required—whether it’s plant, instrument, or breathing air.

High Performance Filters and Separators

Engineered and developed using the latest innovations and manufacturing techniques, Kaeser filter housings are designed with larger flow areas to ensure the lowest pressure drop and provide easier installation, operation, and maintenance. The result is consistent product quality with minimized operating costs.

Compressed Air Filters

Designed with housings that have larger flow areas to ensure low pressure drop, these filters provide easy installation, operation and maintenance. Kaeser filters maintain high capture rates and filtration efficiencies across a wide range of flows, 20 to 21,250 scfm, and pressures up to 900 psig.

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