Compressed Air Distribution Systems

Kaeser’s SmartPipe is a modular compressed air distribution system that provides both lower installation costs and lower long term operating costs. The SmartPipe line includes SmartPipe+ (¾” – 2½”) and SmartPipeXL (3” – 8”) for compressed air and inert gas distribution. SmartPipe is also suitable for vacuum applications.

Innovation You Can Trust

With a cutting edge research and development team committed to building industry-leading products, Kaeser continues to deliver better solutions to meet our customers’ compressed air needs. Kaeser’s expertise and world-wide reputation for superior reliability and efficiency offer great performance and peace of mind.

Rugged Reliability

Both SmartPipe+ and SmartPipeXL are designed to meet our rigorous “built for a lifetime” standard. Its smooth interior and no-leak fittings ensure low pressure drop and prevent contaminant build-up. Using SmartPipe with Kaeser’s line of rotary screw compressors and air treatment components will give you years of energy efficient operation.

Piping Selection

Piping selection directly affects the three key elements of every compressed air system: flow, pressure, and air quality. Poor choices in pipe materials, diameter, and layout cause flow restrictions, often resulting in significant pressure drop. Pressure drop is the main cause of increased energy consumption and underperforming air driven tools and equipment.

Installation Costs

Choices in piping also directly impact installation costs. Heavier materials cause fatigue and slow work, especially in overhead installations. The types of fittings used must also be considered. Some connection types cause pressure drop, need special tools, and take more time to install. The combination of lightweight materials and connectors dramatically reduces labor and installation time for SmartPipe, especially in overhead installations.

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