Mojave Foods – Compressed Air Cleanup

//Mojave Foods – Compressed Air Cleanup

Mojave Foods – Compressed Air Cleanup


Mojave Foods Commerce California


This is a food process plant that manufactures and packages spices.Their compressed air quality has been compromised with oil/water carry over into process equipment.We need to clean up their compressed air to comply with local and federal regulations.


Set up service call to assess the situation and determine the scope of repair and upgrades to compressed air delivery system.It was determined that the air compressor supplying the process equipment with air was passing oil and other particulate into delivery piping. We supplied the customer with a rental compressor as they could not afford any downtime during the service.Once rental was hooked up we performed a major service on the compressor which consisted of new oil
& air filters,belts and separator.We also flushed the system and replaced existing turbine type oil with food grade oil.During the course of this service we changed worn hoses and tightened all the loose fittings we found. We also upgraded the in line filters in the system that are positioned in sequence to remove oil and water carry over and to be disposed of properly in a condensate management system.


The air compressor is running and producing the required air flow the plant desires.The upgraded and larger in line filters are removing any oil and water carryover and allowing the refrigerated air dryer in the system to run at maximum efficiency.The air required to run their process equipment is now free of water and oil and most importantly would pass any food industry inspection that could have resulted in a large fine if left unattended.

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